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 Crafting Guide

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PostSubject: Crafting Guide   Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:26 am

Little info for Crafting
Here is list of items need for lvl 4 Crafting,
others crafting lvl's will follow.

**Wraith Robe
**Glowing Cuisses
**Stoneblood Bazubands

**Sawtooth Blades
**Ornamented Bow
**Heretic Banishing Pataka

**Dragon Scale Necklace
**Wavewatcher Pendant
**Ring of Magical Skies

and list of items need for lvl 6 Crafting


** Serendipitous Cuisses - Light Leggings 73lvl.
** Genesis Boots - Arcane boots 76 lvl.
** Mail of Antiquity - Heavy plate 70lvl

** Cloudcrash - HP Helmet 71lvl
** Hermit's Cape - Cape 57lvl


** Ear Splitting Hammer - 79lvl
** Instakill Claw - 78lvl
** Pheonix wing mace - 78lvl

** Anyang Crossbow - 75lvl
** Exorcisor Pataka - 75lvl


** Dawdle's Belt - Elemental resistence belt 75lvl
** Sinking Star ring - Phy attack ring 78lvl
** Radian Collor - Evasion necklace 72lvl

** Artist's Pendant - Phy resistence necklace 72lvl
** Ring of open Sky - Magic attack ring 78lvl
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Crafting Guide
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