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 TW Guide !!

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PostSubject: TW Guide !!   Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:46 am

Dew of God Protection...Absorbs 3000 Damage over 30 secs
Soulcleanse Orb......Removes all debuffs instantly
Ress Scroll....To give you a little pick me up if their are no clerics around
Golden Jade.....Gains one spark instantly
Dragon Lords Powder....Reduces all damage by half for 8 seconds
Violet Wind Dew.....Increases movement speed by 100% for 15 seconds


1. NO ONE should leave our base till everyone is buffed and sparked up [Except tower builders]
This is very importent, in the past we have made this mistake and paid for it.

2. Everyone find your squad buff up and get chi

3. Tower builder as soon as we spawn in go build your towers as fast as you can and then return to base and find
your squad

4. Keep chatter on Comms down, at this point everyone should be in there squad channel.Only the squad leader needs
to talk, to give commands, this is importent if everyone is talking nothing will get done and we will lose.


Veno......Your main role is to spark your party!! Send your pet to attack and assist attack with your party.
Also hercs are good at taking down enemy towers so if you have a herc u will be in a tower destroying party.
Also u may be called upon for an air squad so have a strong air pet aswell.

Cleric......Your main role will be to buff and heal your party. Keep in mind u are NOT an attack build so u will be
mainly support stay out of the thick of thinks the best u can heal your tanks and bms debuff enemy if u can do so
without getting killed. Also remember u have a big bullseye on your back the enemy will pass up a tank or bm to get
to u so stay in the back of your squad and let them fight while u heal.

Barb.......You will be the grunts of the war and cata pullers. You will be also along with bms enemy targeters and
by this I mean the rest of the squad should have u targeted with assist attack so whoever you target the whole squad
will target aswell. This is very importent assist attack your barb!!If you have a cata your squad should get to
towers as soon as the area is cleared enough to do so, if you get in trouble go into your cata for cover. And of
course get to crystal aswell.

BMs.......your main role will be to stun stun and stun some more. You will be on the front lines along with the
barbs and if we are on the move pressing u should stun and KEEP moving forward let the dds handle the stunned enemy.
If there is time u can stun a crowd and then aoe if u like but then keep moving. Also u may be the targeter in some
cases.If you are target the biggest threat to the squad stun and move on.

Wizs......Your main role will be to DD stay in back of party and aoe crowds of stunned enemys when u can. If u dont
have the sparks to aoe assist attact till u do.

Archers......your main role will be to DD aswell assist attack the targeter. You will also be called for air squads
and eyes in the sky type deals aswell more to come on these top secret missions at a later date.[
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TW Guide !!
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