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 Palace of Nirvana Guide

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PostSubject: Palace of Nirvana Guide   Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:49 am

Palace of nirvana is a dungeon for lvl 100+ players where you can obtain Uncanny or rapture crystals in order to upgrade your TT99-100/Lunar gear to nirvana gear. For the 1st upgrade you will need 100 crystals, for the 2nd 150 crystals and for reforge 2 crystals.
In order to enter the Palace of nirvana you will need a Palace of Nirvana key, which you can obtain by two ways:
1. from the Mysterious Old man in Tideborn city – everyday you can receive 3 keys for free or you can buy more for 3mil coins/each
2. Turning in BH you will receive an additional 1 key/ BH

Once you have the key in your inventory, head north east of Tideborn city where the entrance to the Palace of Nirvana is, and also there you can find the forges to check on your needs to upgrade your gear.

Talk to the NPC in front of the entrance and you will be teleported inside the lobby room. The key will disappear at this point and you will receive a quest item in order to start the quest. But to start the quest you need a 6 ppl squad.

Once you got your squad ready talk to the npc inside the lobby room and start the Palace of Nirvana quest. In the room next to the NPC will spawn 1st boss.

There are a total of 7 bosses which you have to kill in order to complete the Nirvana Palace. First 3 are always the same. 4th,5th and 6th are random bosses ( can be one of the following 3: Sovereign, Tyrant or Dictator, specific for each room – that means you will never find Tyrant boss of room 4 spawn in room 5. More details will be given with boss description). Last boss (7th) is always the same and one of the hardest if you don’t know how the elements and their weakness work.

Room 1

Inferno Sovereign

This is the 1st boss – always the same, it only drops a few coins (not always) and gives about 35k exp. This boss must be tanked by archer because he deals no damage but mana drains the one that has agro. Once you hit him he will summon 8-10 (not sure) tombstones which deal no dmg. He will also spam messages that you can not beat him unless you eliminate the stones first. There are two ways to kill this boss.

a) the normal way: archer keeps hitting the boss to build agro, while the rest of the squad kill the tombstones one by one (they have huge HP). Every 30 sec or so the boss will summon a few blue circles (like those one in TT) but without claps. You must run our the circle because these are the only things that can kill you in this room. 10 sec after the circles disappear another fake circles will spawn in the exact same position but they will not harm you. 30 sec later new session of circles will spawn, in a total random new position so again stop hitting and run out of the circles. After all the tombstones are killed the whole squad focus on the boss. Note: On this boss is working both veno amp and BM HF.
b) the easy way: once the boss has spawned everybody run to the coordonates 431 539 – as you enter the room on the left side very close to the wall. There is a small point where the circles will never explode. . Looks like the red area in the drawing. Stay there and don’t move until the boss is killed. You can use the ASDW keys to move closer to the point in case you see your charm ticking.

Once the boss is dead and the circles stop spawning to talk to the Mysterious old Man that just spawned in the room and it will teleport you to next room.

Room 2

Noxious Sovereign

This is 2nd boss – always the same, it drops 1-2 dim nirvana palace chests. The easiest boss. Can be tanked by Herc, fist BM or fist Archer, barb. Note: Amp and HF NOT working on this boss. It’s a wood boss so mainly will do poison damage and low physical damage. Every 60 sec or so he will buff himself with physical and magical resistance so veno needs to purge him (or archer with lunar bow). Once he is dead talk to the NPC and teleport to next room.

Room 3

Vampiric Sovereign

3rd boss – always the same, drops 1-2 bronze nirvana palace chests. Once you hit him he will spawn 6-7 foxes. Archer and wiz have to start aoe and kill all the foxes in the same time (or at least last 2 foxes to die in the same time). If you let 1 fox alive then all 7 will respawn over and over again until you are able to kill at least last 2 foxes in the same time. Try your best and do it because this boss is timed (I don’t know for sure the time limit, might be something between 5-10 min, we always did it fast enough so never found out what the exact timer is). Once the foxes stopped spawning concentrate on the boss. Note: amp and HF are working on this boss. Can be tanked by herc or fist archer/bm or barb. Try to kill it asap and move on.

Room 4

Random boss, can be one of the following: Demonic Sovereign, Demonic Dictator or Demonic Tyrant – all these bosses will be tanked by barb, they drop 1-2 bronze nirvana palace chests. Watch out for the red common chat messages and follow Old Mysterious Man’s tips. Yellow chat messages are boss messages and they warn you when the danger comes.

Demonic Dictator

A few minutes after you hit him he starts summoning Dark and whitemobs. Concetrante on the dark ones and kill them as soon as possible, mainly this is archer’s job. If you don’t kill it fast enough they will aoe 5k dmg. Ignore the white ones. After boss is below 40% HP he will also start aoe but not more then 800-900k which combined with the dark mobs if you don’t kill them fast enough, might be deadly for squishes. Note: Amp and HF not working on this one.

Demonic Sovereign
This one will summon adds, they have 200k HP and hit about 200 dmg. Barb tank boss, better if all start around the boss too aoe the adds when they spawn, very easy boss, not much trouble. Note: amp and HF not working on boss but working on adds.

Demonic Tyrant

Annoying boss. Must be tanked by barb. Watch out for his yellow common chat messages. He will say one long line, the in about 10 sec 4 short lines followed by a capslock line. When he starts the short lines start running in the opposite corner of the boss. He will hit 3 consecutive 5k dmg aoe on everyone in range (very long range – probably 40m). While aoeing he wont move much, but after he stopped the aoe he will run to the barb. Now either way the barb pulls boss back to the bottom of the platform or drags him to the nearby corner but by any means the rest of the squad has to have enough space to run at next capslock message. Holypath genie skill is very usefull. Note Amp and HF are both working on boss.

Room 5

Random boss, can be one of the following: Ashura Sovereign, Ashura Dictator or Ashura Tyrant – all these bosses will be tanked by barb, they drop 1-2 silver nirvana palace chests.

Ashura Sovereign

Another annoying boss. Must be tanked by barb, but also herc can tank it in emergency cases but not as main tank. What out common chat for messages when the boss gets into frenzy. At this point he will random agro and 1 shoot his target. Usually this frenzy state takes like 1 min while he will kill as many as he can, wont stop after 1 kill. Use holy path and run run run if you are his target. When he is out of frenzy he is easy to tank. Also sometimes random agroes just to debuff pdef. Amp and HF not working.

Ashura Dictator

Easy boss. He summons 3 snakes once in a while, they must be killed fast by aoe. Tanked by barb.

Ashura Tyrant

Similar to 1st boss in frostcover. Slight earth aoe dmg (about 1k) and also summons 3 circles like those in room 1 but which only make 1k dmg. Can be tanked by barb or herc, amp and HF working.

Room 6

Random boss, can be one of the following: Arbiter of Flame, Ahura Netherqueen or Goldwing Phoenix – all these bosses will be tanked by barb, they drop 1-2 golden nirvana palace chests.

Ashura Netherqueen

Hardest and most annoying boss. Watch out common chat of both boss and mysterious old man. When the old man will say his red line an fake - glowing old man will spawn randomly in the room. Also boss will summon a blue fox that will 1 hit kill everyone in the room unless u run fast enough to the FAKE old man and hide under his pink-ish aura. So when you see the boss (yellow chat) message followed immediately by the old man’s red chat look around for the glowing old man and holypath to him stay in his aura until it disappears then you can just continue hitting boss. Next fake npc will spawn at next message, again randomly in the room many times he spawns behind the pillars.

Goldwing Phoenix

At the beginning it’s a small phoenix bird which will transform in a big golden phoenix. Must be tanked by barb. Be careful with the fire dots the boss drops. Don’t stay on the fire (not meaning the fire pentagram you have from the beginning). The burning dots will hit u for 2k dmg so change position fast. Also be careful to don’t close a fire circle around you and be trapped inside it. If you have too many fire dots around you, ask the barb to move boss to a clean area.

Arbiter of Flame

The easy boss. Aoe half of your HP and rarely drops fire dots on the ground just like the phoenix one. Cleric mass heal should be fine.

Room 7

Vanished Ancestor

In order to summon the boss you have to talk to the npc in the pavilion in the middle of the room. Nirvana final boss. Easiest if you know the trick , hardest if you don’t.
Can be tanked by barb or herc or even fist bm/archer. Amp and HF working. Drops uncanny or rapture crystals.

When the boss says in yellow chat a message like “resist my element” an element mob spawns somewhere around the boss and 5 element chests around the pavilion. If you don’t eliminate the mob he will 1 shoot everyone in the room in like 30 sec after he spawned. To eliminate him you need to kill the chest which is week to the mob’s element. Here is how it works:

Fire ......Water
Metal ... Fire

Here is the chests map:

Lure the boss to where the pink dot is. the color of the boxes (chests) is the color of mob's element. the color of the text in the bos is the color of the chest's element. the gray area is the area where mobs can spawn.

Fire mob looks like firefox in eden.
Metal mob looks like a herc.
Water mob looks like dog in tt 2-3
Earth mob looks like the ant in Fb19 Human
Wood mob looks like green boss in tt 3-3.

Once you got the orb target the mob and right click on the orb in your inventory. Note: close range orb so before you use it go close to the mob.

Tips for a faster run: Only 1 person does the chests killing. Someone that can concentrate and can take the stress of doing it. Once the mob is spawned he runs to the right chest and 1 hit it. Picks up the orb. Next step can be done 2 ways. Free drop or random drop. Free drop means the whole pressure is on the chest digger person. He kills chest picks drop and eliminates mob. Random drop means team work. Pressure on everyone but the most is still on the digger person. He digs chest, picks orb, but who ever gets it in his inventory will have to use it against the mob. Keep inventory open and 1st slots free for a faster localization of the orb in your inventory.
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Palace of Nirvana Guide
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