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 Guide: TT 1-1

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PostSubject: Guide: TT 1-1   Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:53 am

TT 1-1

Chintien: Chronol

Physical Attack: 1228 - 3684
Magic Attack: 1842 - 5525
HP: 811.278
Always will spawn, need to kill him to open the gates for rest of dungeon. He is very easy and will use Earth Spells to attack you.

Drops: Chientien's Edge

Lord of Percussion: Chronol

Physical Attack: 1588 - 4763
Magic Attack: 2381 - 7144
HP: 695.393
Always will spawn too. But this guy on the other hand, is different, on squad mode he will cast a Physical Damage Area of Effect spell every 10 seconds once his HP goes bellow 50% (around the "PER" of his name), and the range is so wide that you cant just heal from far. Usually the squads need to use blue bubble on this guy (to cut damage by half), or you are doomed to kill half the squad or more. Note aswell that the damage will start low, but the max damage will increase as his HP goes down, doing very high hits when he is about to die.
Besides that AoE attack, his only other attack is a Metal spell that he will cast constantly.
Note, on 1-1 (chronol), he will spawn on the middle of the dungeon, and the gate behind him will be closed.

Drops: Broken Drum

Soulbanisher: Chronol

Physical Attack: 1249 - 3747
Magic Attack: 1873 - 5620
HP: 1.246.067
Only spawns on "HIGH" boss spawn, he will be at the start of the dungeon, unlike his proper room (1-2 and 1-3 spawn), will do no AoE attacks and is very easy, but has a lot of HP.
You will only see this boss when doing the Last Hope (final part of Wraith Ploy, lv70+ quest to travel time), he will be blocking your way to Vipenalt, but if you are sneaky, you can pass through him unnoticed.

Drops: Nothing

Dimentora: Chronol

Doesnt spawn on this mode. Or rather saying, the gate is closed, but he probably doesnt even exist.

Vipenalt: Chronol

Physical Attack: 1249 - 3747
Magic Attack: 1873 - 5620
HP: 1.246.067
Only spawns on "HIGH" boss spawn. He will be on the room called as "Drum Room", east side of dungeon, just at the start. He isnt hard at all, hits very low but has a LOT of HP, so will take a while killing. You will need to kill him to complete the Last Hope quest.

Drops: Nothing
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Guide: TT 1-1
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