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 Guide: TT 1-2

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PostSubject: Guide: TT 1-2   Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:54 am

No pics here sorry, Only text.

TT 1-2

Chintien: Dimensic
Physical Attack: 1398 - 4194
Magic Attack: 2097 - 6290
HP: 1.130.684
Always will spawn, need to kill him to open the gates for rest of dungeon. He is very easy and will use Earth Spells to attack you.

Drops: Chientien's Armor Shard

Lord of Percussion: Dimensic
Physical Attack: 2162 - 6484
Magic Attack: 3242 - 9725
HP: 857.511
Always will spawn too. Check the info on how to beat Chronol for his attacks. Only difference here is that he is on the so called "Drum Room", which is from East side of dungeon, opposite direction of "Chintien Room".
Just to remind, Physical AoE past 50% HP, be careful.

Drops: Framework of Drum

Soulbanisher: Dimensic
Physical Attack: 2129 - 6387
Magic Attack: 3193 - 9580
HP: 1.259.749
Only spawns on "HIGH" boss spawn. Similar to Lord of Percussion, he will cast a Physical Damage Area of Effect spell every 10 seconds once his HP goes bellow 50% (around the "BAN" of his name), and the range is so wide that you cant just heal from far. His attack is a lot stronger though, and not many can survive his last attacks, so Blue Bubble is a must here, the damage will start low, but the max damage will increase as his HP goes down, doing very high hits when he is about to die.
Besides that AoE attack, his only other attack is a Fire spell that he will cast constantly. I ADVISE you get a cleric with over 3k HP to bubble if you plan on killing this guy.
His room is just WEST from the first corridor with rolling balls (before the balls), past middle of dungeon.

Drops: Soulgatherer's Tentacle

Dimentora: Dimensic
Physical Attack: 1609 - 4826
Magic Attack: 2413 - 7238
HP: 2.478.280
Only spawns on "HIGH" boss spawn. First off, this guy has a LOT of HP, way more than any other bosses on this dungeon level, so be prepared for a long battle (10-20 minutes depending on your squad) and grab your mana pots/charms with you (for clerics and DDs).
This guy spawns on the end of the dungeon, on a big room i call as "Dimentora Arena", its a huge place just past all corridors with rolling balls. It has a few blue glass castles that disapear after a while fighting, do dont stand on top of them or you will be teleported to a random spot of the dungeon. Also, dont enter the glass area while it vanished, because it will appear back and you will get stuck inside.
Trick here is lure him away from the middle of room, into a corner, get the barb or herc to do this (anyone with high physical def works), so you can fight him in peace. Why? Because at 80% HP he will call for the "DaVinci" and 4 big guys will spawn on middle of room and roam there until the end of the battle.
Be extra careful when he mentions "007", will happen if the battle lasts over 10 minutes, his "aggro" will reset and if the DDs dont stop attacking, he will throw his AoE against the group.
About his AoE, it isnt a big deal, short range physical AoE centered on his target (around 10-15m), stay away from tanker and you wont get scratched from this fight. A single cleric can keep the tanker healed very well, no need for bubble, but you will need a lot of mana.

After you kill him, you can use the portal on the middle the room to get outside the Arena, you will be warped to near the corridor with the rolling balls, pay attention on minimap for patrols and enter the portal when they are gone. Keep going anti-clock wise and go north, until you reach "Snake Room" and kill the next boss.

Drops: Broken Shard of Gold Armor

Vipenalt: Dimensic
Physical Attack: 953 - 2858
Magic Attack: 1429 - 4287
HP: 1.303.861
Only spawns on "HIGH" boss spawn. If you followed my info above and got to this boss after killing Dimentora (or skipped him, but you are dumb), you will see this big green snake that looks like Empirean Slither from Tai Chi Shore.
All he does is cast Wood damage spells every few seconds, but any tanker can handle this. Be warned that past 50% HP, a few "clapping hands" will show EVERYWHERE inside his room, DO NOT RUN, they will not explode if you dont move (someone confirm me the condition of the explosions please). If you dont move, the hands wont explode, and only "bad side" of this is that the cleric mana regeneration will be cut to 25%, forcing him to spend more mana to keep healing.

Drops: Ancient Serpent's Skin
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Guide: TT 1-2
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