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 Guide: TT 1-3

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PostSubject: Guide: TT 1-3   Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:54 am

TT 1-3

Chintien: Substancia
Physical Attack 1571 - 4712
Magic Attack 2356 - 7067
HP 1.497.335
Always will spawn, need to kill him to open the gates for rest of dungeon. He is very easy and will use Earth Spells to attack you.

Drops: Chin's Plate

Lord of Percussion: Substancia
Physical Attack: 3229 - 9685
Magic Attack: 4842 - 14527
HP: 1.036.873
Always will spawn too. Check the info on how to beat Chronol/Substancia for his attacks. He is on the so called "Drum Room", which is from East side of dungeon, opposite direction of "Chintien Room".
Just to remind, Physical AoE past 50% HP, be careful. A lot stronger than previous one, as expected.

Drops: War Drum

Soulbanisher: Substancia
Physical Attack: 3185 - 9554
Magic Attack: 4777 - 14330
HP: 1.526.201
Only spawns on "HIGH" boss spawn. Check the info on how to beat Substancia for his attacks.
You will need a even better cleric than before on this guy, as his physical attack is insane. Not many people do this guy even at lvs 80-89. His magic attack also will hit the barbarian charm a lot, so be prepared, dont go with a barbarian without charm there or you risk getting him killed on 2 shots (unless you bubble since the start of battle).
Just to remind, Physical AoE past 50% HP, be careful.
His room is just WEST from the first corridor with rolling balls, past middle of dungeon, same as Substancia.

Drops: Soulgatherer's Mirror

Shooting Aur: Substancia
(this is actually Dimentora, somehow they gave him 2 different names)
Physical Attack: 2045 - 6135
Magic Attack: 3067 - 9202
HP: 3.321.735
Only spawns on "HIGH" boss spawn. Again, a heck of a lot of HP, but is no different than Dimensic version, just near 50% more hp, slighly stronger attacks, no big deal.
Just to remind, short range physical AoE.

Drops: Tough Shard of Gold Armor, Golden Spirit

Vipenalt: Substancia
Physical Attack: 2018 - 6053
Magic Attack: 3026 - 9079
HP: 1.944.137
Only spawns on "HIGH" boss spawn. Again, will only attack with Wood element attacks, and past 50% HP the "clapping hands" will show up (DONT MOVE!), but besides that, his magic attack got a lot harder (double the damage than before) and might kill your tanker faster than you can heal. Either get better gear/tanker or use a secondary cleric to blue bubble the whole fight. But mostly he wont be a problem.

Drops: Ancient Serpent's Blood, Ancient Serpent's Orb
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Guide: TT 1-3
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