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 TW strateg PVP

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PostSubject: TW strateg PVP   Sun Apr 18, 2010 1:53 am

we have four caltapull squads S1 S2 S3 S4. thet r pulling cata on path B .rest of our faction member would be in random squads.

BARB: they would be pullin cata and after reaching enemy HQ they would use invoke spirit and apo pots to try to sustain for as long as possible...

CLERIC:there main emphasis would be healing BARB n if attacked use Plume shell

BLADEMASTER:stun and aeo any nearby enemy near barb and cleric

VENO: try to pass chi to BARB who is using cata

WIZard: try to kill enemy BARBs and blademaster

ARchers: coz of ranged attack try to kill cleric

Pysics: use ur sealing aeo who try to attack barbs using cata

assasin:do random killing ...

HQ is head quater crystal ...1000 cata shots r required to down hq so we should do continue attack on hq coz it self heal

so our main concern should be on barb and cleric who r usng cata

P.S. try to get charm if u can...

gud luck all for this TW

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TW strateg PVP
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