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 PVP TW - What Should i do?? ?_?

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PostSubject: PVP TW - What Should i do?? ?_?   Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:48 am

Defending Team : Focuses on defending the base. Generally team consist of mainly BM/Cleric/Mage.

BM will do AOE rawr, lock the barbs running into base, sprint to mage line(Mage line refers to the ranged classes at the back, mainly clerics, archers, psychics, mages. Target the cleric. Whack.)
Clerics to learn Sleep and stay at the last in line. When barb is about to reach crystal or get past u. Sleep them(DO NOT ATTACK AFTERWHICH, IT BREAKS SLEEP!!)
Mages to distance strink in with BM and jump those mage lines.
Summary: Disables the barb that wanted to rush in. Kill mage line. Then focus damage on Barbs as a team. STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO PICK PLAYERS WITH GOLD HP CHARM(FULL).

Scout Team:
3 man team, any class, preference to be low levels since they are like messenger, high levels to be kept to do key positions.
3 Man no need buff or anything. Just camp at the outskits of enemy castle. Authorized to use guild chat. Keep it in simple English. Eg. LANE C – 5 CATA – Point A1.

Scout-Hunter Team:
Team will consist of 2 assassins.
Assassin: Get into stealth mode. Move around the map and look for enemy scout. They are most likely to be found on our castle’s corners. You can look at the map and see the red dot. Usually u can locate them near the tentage. If they don’t appear, Move out to around the castles and search all the way down the lane till the middle point of each lane. Stick together when in work.

Cata Team: Pull catapult, push in. When near Crystal/Tower HIDE in catapult so noobs cannot click you. Team will consist of 1 Barb, 2 Clerics, 1veno, 1 BM and Archer.
Before pushing, BUFF UP!!!
Veno: Spam chi transfer to barb so he can turtle up.
Barb:Get catapult, and rush in to HQ. Do not stay at the frontline for too long, more often than not, u will get addicted to killed them all and ended up lying and not pushing. JUST RUN IN and turtle. Then hide in catapult and stay there.
Clerics: Blue ball in HQ, Other cleric heal the cleric with BB.
Archer:Arrow Barrage the HQ, simple. Clear as much enemy as possible

Damage Deal[Supporting Catapult team]
Move alongside with the CAT1,CAT2. There will be a lot of enemies charging at them. Slay them in the order of Cleric->Mage/Archer/BladeMaster->Psychic/Assassin->Barbs. Anybody who ran past u and towards our base without cata or what. They are just trying to fool you and scam you to back down from the frontline. Ignore these pple. In the event that they push in to base. DT1&2 can manage them. Just move alongside with CAT1&2.
BM Damage Deal must keep in mind. Roar is extremely powerful. One chain roar can cause your enemy to lose in an instant.

Conclusion: If you are ever ever lost in TW, not knowing what to do, ask your leader and follow his/her orders. Always do assist attack on leader, do not rush out on your own and dies just like that, gather in groups, rebuffs and move off as a team.

Last but not least: One piece of advice from newbie funLoLx, winning TW consitute of 4 major components. Lacking in any one of it can result in a defeat.

3)Gears/Equipment and participant levels
4)Attendence rate
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PostSubject: Re: PVP TW - What Should i do?? ?_?   Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:06 am

Thanks fun lolx for your job, for me it sounds good, but i never been on TW Smile so not me will judge it Smile
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PVP TW - What Should i do?? ?_?
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