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PostSubject: Teamspeak!!!!!   Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:02 pm

Hi guys, i made teamspeak for our faction today.
This is temporary solution, but it is better than things atm.

I choose teamspeak because u can register and get up to 500 ppl free, while in Ventrilo only 8 is free.

I dont have any experience in administrating them, so if anybody have feel free to do it.

This server will work as long as my PC is on (i hope my IP is static).

How to setup

This is teamspeak version 3

1. go to
and download client version, after that install it

Then connections -> Address; Port -> 9987; Nickname -> use one in game; Password -> Nofear

If somebody have possibility to setup server on PC what is turned on all time, or have other solutions plz let us know itn all time, or have other solutions plz let us know it
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